Gila Manolson

Gila's next speaking tour is scheduled for November. If you may be interested in having her speak for your school, campus group, organization, synagogue or church, please contact her through this website.

Gila Manolson is the author of the bestselling The Magic Touch, Outside/Inside, Head to Heart, and Choosing to Love. A fifth book, Hands Off! This May Be Love (for a general, spiritually-oriented audience, including religious Christians and other people of faith), was recently released.

Gila is a popular international speaker on relationships and self-image. She has spoken in 36 major North American cities, as well as outlying communities, and in Israel, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Chile, and the Netherlands. Her books have been translated into Hebrew, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian.

Gila lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children.

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